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Lifestyle Guide 2016

What can be said about Moscow that hasn't already been said? It is an enigma; it is a beautiful, temperamental mistress; it is the end point of all roads. In a way, Moscow is indeed an end point, an apex and the largest city in all of Russia.


Doing Business in Russia 2015

The business community in Russia has reasons to be optimistic, as there really does seem to be light at the end of the tunnel.

Real Estate Q3 2016

— New ring railway will stimulate construction 
— Private investors prefer quiet deals at reasonable prices 
— Architectural lighting helps sell real estate


Real Estate Q1 2016

— The Russian real estate market converts to rubles
 — Trade and entertainment in Soviet movie theaters 
 — How to spur development of industrial parks 
 — Old factories turned into trendy apartments

Jobs & Careers Spring Issue 2016

— Employers are saving money on salaries this year
— Russian universities need foreign students badly
— Robots will replace 7 million workers by 2020
— Companies will pay their employees to exercise
— Your reputation is worth a lot in a crisis


Real Estate Q4 2015

— Foreign Brands Take Advantage of Crisis to Open New Stores in Moscow
— Regional Shopping Centers Now Smaller and More Interesting
— Warehouse Real Estate Market Sees Record Volume of Transactions

Real Estate Q3 2015

— Investment in Russian Real Estate could Reach $3 Bln. in 2015
— Foreign Investors and End Users Profit from Warehouse Deals
— How Will Russia Fill New Stadium after World Cup 2018?


Real Estate Q2 2015

— Building materials boom
— Budget hotels target new segment
— Architects breathe new life into industrial ruins
— Retailers invest in children's entertainment

Real Estate Q1 2015

— Developers rise to the Challenge
— Global Retailers target Regions
— Buyers drive Luxury to New Heights
— Inbound Tourism on the Increase


Jobs & Careers Spring Issue 2015

— Hysteria Plays Role in Job Cuts as Economic Downturn Catches Firms Unaware
— Moving Up when the Ruble is Down: What it Means for Salaries 
— Occupation Does Not Correspond to Education for a Third of Russians
  — Travels Lead to Foreign Ventures: Beating a Path to a New Job
— Schools Challenged to Develop Technical Skills

Lifestyle Guide 2015

Premium-class hotels, restaurants, nightlife, spas, fitness, and city festivals — this new issue of the Lifestyle Guide proudly presents the best spots in Moscow in 2015.


Real Estate Q4 2014

— What's New For Investors 
— E-Commerce in Perspective 
— Hoteliers Target Russia

Real Estate Q3 2014

— Budget hotels in Moscow land grab 
— Hockey arena transforms brownfield site 
— Smaller markets to challenge Russia


Real Estate Q2 2014

— Reinventing The Big Box As Logistics Evolves 
— Retailers Cultivate Individual Image 
— Foreign Investors Get Jitters Over Crisis 
— Setting A Price On PPP Projects

Real Estate Q1 2014

— Steady stream of A-class properties
— Volatility returns to challenge market
— Global retailers head for Russia 
— Krasnodar builds on Olympics


Jobs & Careers Fall Issue 2014

— Retraining a workforce to focus on customers and brand ambassadors 
— No tolerance for secrets: Business whizz turns mentor 
— Skolkovo business school at eight: looking to the future 
— Video sharing team makes waves in a crowded market 
— Tips for expats: How to survive the downturn

Jobs & Careers Spring Issue 2014

— Move over, Internet. The work of the future could be far more varied 
— Executives learn the economic logic against corruption 
— Pension reforms could bring transparency and stability